Loose Lips

A submission I made with Mr. Flak for the propaganda campaign paid for by the War Council for WW2 was declined, calling it "too gay." We think it would have been really effective as this fox looks like he will reward the citizens who keep mum about American strategies.


The one great thing about being single with no roommates is Alastair can lounge around his place baring it all whenever he wants. And being single means he's often very randy too...as you can see here. But then again, he's an exhibitionist. He doesn't mind others seeing him nude one...

Lounging Laveur

A pic I did for Laveur for a commission he purchased at Further Confusion 2017.

Luke the Husky

I really love how this came out. Such a slender and smooth husky would be a treat of a boyfriend <3 Character: Luke Husky


With the right assertive presence, a typically teasing Fox can be made to mind one's commands.

Order Up!

I'm not sure what night at In-N-Out has nude employees day, but sign me up! The guys working at In-N-Out are commonly pretty cute ^_^ Prints! https://inkedfur.com/prints/order-up-1

Peace Pipe

A tribal wolf performing a ritual at a fire. Prints available: https://inkedfur.com/print/peace-pipe/

Perks of the Job

When Taka's shift ends, sometimes he likes to just lounge on top of one of the windmills and stare out over the landscape, proud of the work he's done and embracing the late breeze. And on those perfect nights, he likes to relax in just his fur. A YCH picture...


Totally legit model gig obviously advertising clothes. What else would it be advertising?

Piano Man

Well we’re all in the mood for a melodyAnd you got us feeling alright This is an older commission I just now got done. Sorry Chudlight! A lot went into this picture so I hope you all like it. Prints available: http://inkedfur.com/print/piano-man/

Pick One!

This cute bunny offers you up a buffet of options: pawbs, butt, cock, or balls!

Pole Cat

Finally the delicious Reyathae takes the center stage! The lithe snow leopard grabs the pole and spins around while collecting money for the patrons. Hooking his leg around the pole, he leans back and pulls down his underwear, exposing his hard cock. Smiling and eyeing you with need, he slides...

Posing for Playwolf

RenWuff was excited to finally get into Playwolf and he got the cover shot. He showed up to the photoshoot and stripped down, his shyness melting away as he presented his fit body for the camera. Commissioner: Ren Wuff

Priest of Bast

Come join the Priest of Bast in enjoying some earthly pleasures to please the gods. Character © Tsaiwolf Illustrations