Summit Selfie

Aurora and Autumn take a selfie after climbing a mountain. Sorry this took so long! I tried to put a lot of love into this pic to make up for it.

Pet YCH with Ajna

Taking your pet to the dog park is a great treat for your pet and if good, they should be rewarded. Colors and sketch done by Ajna.Background and lines by myself.


A dog and a cat enjoy the summer together. Prints!Nude:

Sauna Fuck

Dolphins have slits instead of sheaths to protect their cock when not aroused but some boy dolpins are a little kinky and like to be fucked in the slit. It looks like Teryx wasn’t quite expecting the dolphin to slide him into THAT hole. Commissioned by Teryx featuring Aurelius, owned by EchoFireant. Prints available

Jeddy the Jockey

This young jockey wants a ride on a horse and by damn he’s the type of sub that gets what he wants. I don’t see this as lack of consent from the horse. I suspect the fox wants to go at a nice and easy pace which is probably teasing the horse’s cock so he […]

Spaceforce 69

Space gets lonely so it pays to bring a partner with you. Prints available:

Way Better Than TV

A frisky gay fox tries to tempt his lover with his deliciously shiny cock.

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