Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Updated July 26th, 2021

This terms of service applies retroactively to all commissions. If you commissioned me before these terms took place, you may email me to discuss. These terms are chosen to be agreed to when you put in a quote request.

Content of Commission

While I am open to many types of content; however, I may choose to not draw your request due to subject matter, characters involved (such as owned under an IP known for DMCAs), certain fetishes, body types, etc. I will always let you know before payment if I can’t draw what you request and will ask for an alternate idea. I’m not going to waste your time if I can’t deliver what you want.

I will also not draw anything I deem as hateful, such as a commission that targets a minority class or a commission made solely to attack an individual or make them uncomfortable. For all commissions of a sexual nature and there’s another party involved, I will confirm you’ve had art with them before or you’re listed on their page. Otherwise, I may note them for consent to draw their character.

Mature Artwork and Age of Commissioner

By commissioning me for any adult material, you acknowledge that you are of legal age to view such material (18, or 21 in some places) and you release Tsaiwolf Illustration of any liability.


Once I approve your commission, I will hold your spot for 72 hours. At that point, I will invoice you for the quoted amount. This will come from Wave Apps in the form of an email requesting payment via credit card or ACH. If the amount is not paid within that time, I may choose to bypass your commission and cancel the invoice. If something came up, please let me know before then so I can move your slot.


While I produce art in a timely manner, I expect the commissioner to respond to me in a timely manner when more information is requested, WIPs are sent, and the final image is sent.

If you do not respond to a WIP within three days, you will be knocked down to the bottom of the list. If you do not approve the final image that I send you within three days, it will be assumed to be correct, posted in my galleries, then you will be sent the HD and print versions of the image.

For efficiency, you may provide your Telegram username on the commission form and I can contact you there with updates and quicker feedback. If you’re regularly asking me for status and checking in with me daily, I may choose to cease Telegram communication and communicate via email only.

Communicating regularly over a social network site such as Fur Affinity, Twitter, InkBunny, etc. is not recommended as I respond faster by email.

You may request to waive your right to a progress image but won’t be allowed to make changes to the pose or other major changes.

If an application is sent in with incomplete information, I will email you requesting the missing information. If that is not provided within three days, I may choose to not accept it.


If you choose to cancel the commission for any reason, it will be my discretion on what should be refunded. If I’ve only lined your image, expect half of your money back if you’ve already paid in full. Otherwise, it depends on my progress on the image.

If I choose to cancel your commission and I have not completed it yet, you will get a full refund for all monies paid to me if I did not cancel it due to lack of contact of the commissioner, behavior of the commissioner, or any type of harassment.

Regardless of which party cancels, any work that has been done may be reused by me if a full refund is given.

Your Rights/My Rights

By commissioning me, you are paying me for my time and materials to draw your character(s) as you request. You are not acquiring rights to the image. I reserve all rights to my artwork, including using for advertisement, posting in my online galleries, posting to paid galleries, and selling prints of.

For an optional 25 to 50% fee, you may request the image remains private and/or that prints are not sold of the image. These is no fee for you to delay me posting image (for instance, a surprise gift to someone). Also, you may remain anonymous at no charge if you wish.

If you would like full rights to the image, including the right to have no signature and profit from the image, please note this in the commission request. I can do this kind of work at a premium price.

If you do not like the sketch I give you, I will redraw it one time only. The previous sketch I did I own rights to and can use it for a future image, YCH, or another for-profit item of my choosing.

As a commissioner, you have rights to post the small version (under 4000 pixels) of your commission to your online galleries, make personal prints of the image, and any other use as long as I’m credited as Tsai Wolf and you are not profiting from the image or claiming you did the artwork.

Included in the price of a commission is half off any size of print through InkedFur. For dakimakura pillow cases, a smooth knit or short plush is included in the price or you can upgrade to advanced 2-way tricot for $40.

Other Fees

If you commission an image from me and have no visual references, I may choose to charge you between $50 and $100. This is to compensate for going back and forth with you on the character design making sure it’s to your liking. If your character is simple, for instance a solid white wolf, I may wave this fee. If you would like a flat reference sheet done first to get the character designed down first, that service is available at a discount if you’re also getting a full commission from me.

If after I colored the image and you see a change that needs to be done that is not my mistake (as in your reference sheet is incorrect and you didn’t warn me prior to coloring) I may choose to charge you extra for time to complete the change at a rate of $85/hour, charged to the nearest quarter-hour. When you commission me, please verify the reference sheets given to me for all characters is accurate. If they aren’t, please state what is different before I start drawing.

The Commission Process

  1. Submit request for a commission.
  2. Receive quote and payment request to reserve slot.
  3. Pay quote in full within 72 hours.
  4. Receive sketch for approval.
  5. Let me know any changes you may want and you will receive a new modified sketch.
  6. Commission is continued and final image is sent for approval. (colors only)
  7. HD image and web upload image is provided to you via email or messenger. PSDs with simplified layers available on request.

Thanks for reading!

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