Luke the Husky

I really love how this came out. Such a slender and smooth husky would be a treat of a boyfriend <3 Character: Luke Husky


Despite being so old, it is my most popular piece on FA according to favorites lol.

This One’s On the House 2

Oh dear he's drunk but that's a pretty obvious invitation right there. :p What a naughty bartender... drinking on the job.


A dog and a cat enjoy the summer together. Prints!Nude:

Shep Relief Comic

This was a long project that took about a year or so. During this, I learned skills to get pages done faster and prep for a secret project coming up in a few months. YES secret project.

Always Together

Karmakat is having fun in the park with his mate Massak (the blueish husky) and their son Ryusei. You can see he has Kat's mane and Massak's tail. I had a lot of fun doing this one. I usually don't get to draw cubs and for some reason I completely...