Luke the Husky

I really love how this came out. Such a slender and smooth husky would be a treat of a boyfriend <3 Character: Luke Husky


Despite being so old, it is my most popular piece on FA according to favorites lol.

This One’s On the House 2

Oh dear he’s drunk but that’s a pretty obvious invitation right there. :p What a naughty bartender… drinking on the job.


A dog and a cat enjoy the summer together. Prints!Nude:

Shep Relief Comic

This was a long project that took about a year or so. During this, I learned skills to get pages done faster and prep for a secret project coming up in a few months. YES secret project.

A Dog On Your Bed

If you came home and saw him on your bed, would you help him get off? <3

Always Together

Karmakat is having fun in the park with his mate Massak (the blueish husky) and their son Ryusei. You can see he has Kat’s mane and Massak’s tail. I had a lot of fun doing this one. I usually don’t get to draw cubs and for some reason I completely forgot to post this. Seeing […]

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