Priest of Bast

Come join the Priest of Bast in enjoying some earthly pleasures to please the gods. Character © Tsaiwolf Illustrations


The one great thing about being single with no roommates is Alastair can lounge around his place baring it all whenever he wants. And being single means he’s often very randy too…as you can see here. But then again, he’s an exhibitionist. He doesn’t mind others seeing him nude one bit.

Pick One!

This cute bunny offers you up a buffet of options: pawbs, butt, cock, or balls!

Perks of the Job

When Taka’s shift ends, sometimes he likes to just lounge on top of one of the windmills and stare out over the landscape, proud of the work he’s done and embracing the late breeze. And on those perfect nights, he likes to relax in just his fur. A YCH picture done for Taka <3

The Apothecary

When you have mastered water magic, it’s the best way to take a bath!

Dock Collie

A sexy teasing collie Kwynn looks like he’s going to give you a hard time.

Ride With Me

Otters can make public transit actually entertaining. This one invites you to take the one seat that is taken.

Alty From Below

A pic I did for Alty for a commission he purchased at Further Confusion 2017.

This store contains adult artwork for sale.

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