A Firework Finish

Looks like they’re missing the show! Although it seems like they may not mind…

Kink Night

This was a fun one! I had some fun with the fisheye perspective and splattering the walls with my art :p

Yiff U

Three naughty boys have some fun in the dorm. I don’t remember this being on the syllabus! Artwork © Tsaiwolf & Kado Husky.

Shore Leave

Being stuck at sea for many months on any ship or submarine in this case can get quite confined. Backdraft and Akamai go ashore to spend some time on land to let out some plaguing urges.

Sauna Fuck

Dolphins have slits instead of sheaths to protect their cock when not aroused but some boy dolpins are a little kinky and like to be fucked in the slit. It looks like Teryx wasn’t quite expecting the dolphin to slide him into THAT hole. Commissioned by Teryx featuring Aurelius, owned by EchoFireant. Prints available

Jeddy the Jockey

This young jockey wants a ride on a horse and by damn he’s the type of sub that gets what he wants. I don’t see this as lack of consent from the horse. I suspect the fox wants to go at a nice and easy pace which is probably teasing the horse’s cock so he […]

Spaceforce 69

Space gets lonely so it pays to bring a partner with you. Prints available: https://inkedfur.com/print/space-porn/


Just trying to hitch a ride on a Canadian bomber across the Atlantic, and buskyhusky decided he deserved some extra payment for hauling my ass across. Payment, he said. PLEASE EXCUSE ANY HISTORICAL INACCURACIES.

A Slippery Catch

Here is the illustration I did for the sequel to “Trust Among Otters” by Rahne. You can read “A Slippery Catch” here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6974693

This store contains adult artwork for sale.

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