Hiking Break

An elk hunk takes a musical break during his hike. Lines & Color by Me. I tried a new coloring technique for this piece. What do you all think?

Foxy Boy

A pic I did for BinaryFox for a commission he purchased at Further Confusion 2017.

Pole Cat

Finally the delicious Reyathae takes the center stage! The lithe snow leopard grabs the pole and spins around while collecting money for the patrons. Hooking his leg around the pole, he leans back and pulls down his underwear, exposing his hard cock. Smiling and eyeing you with need, he slides...

Kitty’s Playtime

As always, I love having fun with variants and even though my form may say "standard variant" it can also be small changes in position/expression. Not just clothing.


Totally legit model gig obviously advertising clothes. What else would it be advertising?

Come On In

Daytime bedroom romps with a sexy blonde howler? Yes please!