Slender Meerkat

I believe this was my first time drawing a meerkat. I enjoyed it and happy with how it came out. This could be a dakimakura in the future. Commissioner: TechKat

Jingle Horse

This picture I did last Christmas but apparently never posted it D: Fixing that now!

Pole Cat

Finally the delicious Reyathae takes the center stage! The lithe snow leopard grabs the pole and spins around while collecting money for the patrons. Hooking his leg around the pole, he leans back and pulls down his underwear, exposing his hard cock. Smiling and eyeing you with need, he slides his paw down his thin […]

Kitty’s Playtime

As always, I love having fun with variants and even though my form may say “standard variant” it can also be small changes in position/expression. Not just clothing.

Come On In

Daytime bedroom romps with a sexy blonde howler? Yes please!

Your New Coworker

Seeing this sexy guy walking around your workplace would be quite exciting, wouldn’t it?I’m thrilled to do this first official pinup of this character and as you know I love drawing sexy otters. <3 Prints:

Vance’s Selfie

A pic I did for Vance for a commission he purchased at Further Confusion 2017.

Sexy Saki

What variant of Saki would you like today? This was a lot of fun!

Alluring Lapine

Awww the little bunny dressed all nice for this night too. You wouldn’t let him down now, would you?Commission for Loike. Prints Available:

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