A Slippery Catch

Here is the illustration I did for the sequel to "Trust Among Otters" by Rahne. You can read "A Slippery Catch" here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6974693

Always Together

Karmakat is having fun in the park with his mate Massak (the blueish husky) and their son Ryusei. You can see he has Kat's mane and Massak's tail. I had a lot of fun doing this one. I usually don't get to draw cubs and for some reason I completely...


A dog and a cat enjoy the summer together. Prints!Nude: http://inkedfur.com/print/beachbreeze-adult/Swimsuits: http://inkedfur.com/print/beachbreeze/

CorWolf & Fervory

A wolf and fox share a romantic kiss. <3 It's always fun to try to figure out how canine humanids would kiss and I'm happy with the results.

Good Trip

My character spoiling my good friend Renny, but I'm getting quite a lot out of it <3

Happy Thanksgiving!

I think this is one of the most diverse fandoms in the world and our definition of "family" is a lot more deep than others. Many of us come from broken families or we're just plain not on good terms with them. We had to choose our own family who...

Hotel Twinks

Two cute boys at a convention lure a big defenseless arctic wolf to their room for their seduction, which I'm completely powerless to resist :p

Intimate Picnic

Two waffs have a romantic picnic together. <3 Looks like they enjoyed a bit more too ^^

Jeddy the Jockey

This young jockey wants a ride on a horse and by damn he’s the type of sub that gets what he wants. I don’t see this as lack of consent from the horse. I suspect the fox wants to go at a nice and easy pace which is probably teasing...

Kink Experimentation

A gay couple tries out some light bondage for the first time. The kitten might cum just from the experience alone. Characters Skyfox and Victor.

Kink Night

This was a fun one! I had some fun with the fisheye perspective and splattering the walls with my art :p