This was gift art for someone who translated my comic Open Road to Russian. It was cool that he went through that effort so I did this pic for him <3

Alluring Lapine

Awww the little bunny dressed all nice for this night too. You wouldn’t let him down now, would you?Commission for Loike. Prints Available: http://inkedfur.com/print/alluring-lapine/

Alty From Below

A pic I did for Alty for a commission he purchased at Further Confusion 2017.


Kilo enjoying taking some photos of the sky. Print: https://inkedfur.com/print/astrophotographer-dressed/

Auto Otter

An otter goes underwater for some private otter time.

Bruma’s First Photoshoot

Bruma was spotted by a modeling agent while at the beach and was invited to try modeling. The agent eventually persuaded Bruma to do a shoot, but only to terms highly favorable to the African Wolf. The agency acquiesced.

Cody Spots His Prey

Cody likes how you look and you may not have a choice in the matter… not like you'd say no!

Come On In

Daytime bedroom romps with a sexy blonde howler? Yes please!

Cyber Quickies 2017

Once a year, sometimes less often, I'll take 20-40 quickie commissions and here's the lot from 2017. I'm lazy! I don't feel like listing all the commissioners but all the characters you see here are owned by someone. No steals!

Dock Collie

A sexy teasing collie Kwynn looks like he's going to give you a hard time.