Flipped Mutt

A naked wolf mutt shows how flexible he is to you. He's also showing what big of a mess he can make too! Prints AvailableSheathed: http://inkedfur.com/print/flipped-mutt/Cummy: http://inkedfur.com/print/flipped-mutt-cummy/

Fox on a Corner

“Would you stop to say... hi?” This is a good example of a character design sheet. I don’t do references anymore but I will design a character with your input, send you several variants, and let you pick what you prefer. The fee is so I can go back and...

Foxes Foxes Foxes

The very slender, very sexy Rose Wolf does a little dance to make some money for um... college! College of course. Print: https://inkedfur.com/prints/foxes-foxes-foxes Character: Wolfyhero + Extras I came up with.

Foxy Boy

A pic I did for BinaryFox for a commission he purchased at Further Confusion 2017.

Hiking Break

An elk hunk takes a musical break during his hike. Lines & Color by Me. I tried a new coloring technique for this piece. What do you all think?

Hot Spring

A cute doggo at the public hot spring, a little shy at being so exposed.

I’ll Sit Here

A pretty raccoon commissioned me for two pinups and I had to oblige. Here is his twinky self posing with underwear barely on. Prints available:Undies: https://inkedfur.com/print/ill-sit-here/Nude: https://inkedfur.com/print/ill-sit-here-no-undies/

Jingle Horse

This picture I did last Christmas but apparently never posted it D: Fixing that now!

Kitty’s Playtime

As always, I love having fun with variants and even though my form may say "standard variant" it can also be small changes in position/expression. Not just clothing.

Lithe Otter Boys

A little project I did awhile back to redraw characters as a twinky hot otter.