Intimate Picnic

Two waffs have a romantic picnic together. <3 Looks like they enjoyed a bit more too ^^

Vulpine Attraction

While on a business trip, Sangie decided to relax his muscles in a hot tub after a long day in the hotel. While relaxed, a cute twink of a fox walked up in a tight speedo and asked to join. Sangie nods and scoots over, allowing the fox to sit...

This One’s On the House 2

Oh dear he's drunk but that's a pretty obvious invitation right there. :p What a naughty bartender... drinking on the job.

Ride With Me

Otters can make public transit actually entertaining. This one invites you to take the one seat that is taken.

Vance’s Selfie

A pic I did for Vance for a commission he purchased at Further Confusion 2017.


A pic I did for Toshi for a commission he purchased at Further Confusion 2017.

Cyber Quickies 2017

Once a year, sometimes less often, I'll take 20-40 quickie commissions and here's the lot from 2017. I'm lazy! I don't feel like listing all the commissioners but all the characters you see here are owned by someone. No steals!


Kilo enjoying taking some photos of the sky. Print: