Vulpine Attraction

May 3, 2017
2017 Tsaiwolf Illustrations

While on a business trip, Sangie decided to relax his muscles in a hot tub after a long day in the hotel. While relaxed, a cute twink of a fox walked up in a tight speedo and asked to join. Sangie nods and scoots over, allowing the fox to sit next to him.

As they talked and got to know each other, the wolf finds himself unable to resist the fox. He slides his paw over the fox’s thigh and asks if he’s spoken for. Hexa shakes his head and nuzzles into the wolf’s neck “Not yet…”

Seeing the sub’s immediate interest, the wolf slides on top of the fox and begins kissing him and nibbling along his neck, feeling the fox’s lithe body tremble beneath his. Slipping his paw down the vulpine’s flat belly, he feels the fox’s erect cock already poking out of his Speedo. Smiling, the red wolf slips his speedo fully off along with the fox’s and pushes him back against the tub. The small fox murrs and looks up lustfully, “Please…” he begs.

Sangie props up Hexa and pushes into him, thrusting deeper and deeper until he feels his knot press against the fox’s entrance, already partially inflated. The fox is tight and wraps his legs around the wolf, crying out and pushing back against the knot, groaning as he tries to take it inside him. With a pop, both furs gasp and grip onto each other as they tremble and ride out their orgasm.

The wolf’s cock ties into the fox and collapses on top of the fox, panting hard and nuzzling against the vulpine’s neck.
“So,” the wolf says. “What’s your name?”

Content: couple, fox, gay, knot, wolf, yiff

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