Vulpine Attraction

While on a business trip, Sangie decided to relax his muscles in a hot tub after a long day in the hotel. While relaxed, a cute twink of a fox walked up in a tight speedo and asked to join. Sangie nods and scoots over, allowing the fox to sit...


Totally legit model gig obviously advertising clothes. What else would it be advertising?

Come On In

Daytime bedroom romps with a sexy blonde howler? Yes please!

Summit Selfie

Aurora and Autumn take a selfie after climbing a mountain. Sorry this took so long! I tried to put a lot of love into this pic to make up for it.

Vance’s Selfie

A pic I did for Vance for a commission he purchased at Further Confusion 2017.


Kilo enjoying taking some photos of the sky. Print:

Pet YCH with Ajna

Taking your pet to the dog park is a great treat for your pet and if good, they should be rewarded. Colors and sketch done by Ajna.Background and lines by myself.

Sub Training

Sangie's teaching Trexler a thing or two about gobbling up big cock, doing a pretty good job too, I'm sure the tase of the cum will remind him of me for awhile.BeyondStars