Happy Thanksgiving!

November 10, 2017
2017 Tsaiwolf Illustrations

I think this is one of the most diverse fandoms in the world and our definition of “family” is a lot more deep than others.

Many of us come from broken families or we’re just plain not on good terms with them. We had to choose our own family who is there when we need them and I think furries are damn good at doing that.

Sadly, the fandom seems so split right now and make sure you all remember that we should be here for each other. Stop shaming others and judging others based on past mistakes. Let’s work together to keep old friendships intact and not look down on those that are struggling with their own issues.

So remember, even if you aren’t with your blood this Thanksgiving, I hope you all are with loved ones.

This was done for my friend Swift of him returning home to his mate.

Swift Falcon

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