Blind Date 2020 Commissions Open

Currently I’m taking about 10 blind date commissions.

Like last year, I have made a sort of dating profile for anyone to fill out if they’re interested. If it’s filled out in full and you are selected, you will be sent an invoice for $175 to cover the cost of your character and the background. If paid by Thursday (I will invoice you quickly), your character will be paired to another according to your preferences. I will do my best to match interests and kinks. Gender/sex preference will be honored. Also if you say your character only receives anal, you won’t be paired with someone else who only receives anal.

I will not be providing sketches so I can get through these quickly. I do best when I can work on an image from start to finish in one sitting. This will remove a lot of the delay. However, if I make a mistake with your character that I missed on your reference sheet or description, I will fix that.

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